The PROMS Board of Management comprises academics and researchers who oversee the maintenance of the culture and traditions of PROMS. This includes championing the application and dissemination of the Rasch model and modern measurement theory. In addition to the chair and deputy chair, members include advisors and contributors invited by the Board, one representative from each country or region involved in PROMS, and members of the organizing committee for the next symposium.

Board Membership (2019)



Curtin University, Australia

1st Deputy Chair / Director of PROMS Symposia

Dr. YAN, Zi
Education University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

2nd Deputy Chair / Director of Publications

Prof. DURAND‎, Jeff
Toyo Gakuen University, Japan

3rd Deputy Chair / Director of Technology

Dr. BATTY, Aaron Olaf
Keio University, Japan

Past Chair

BOND, Trevor
James Cook University, Australia

Secretary / Mainland Chinese Delegate

Prof. ZHANG, Quan
Jiaxing University, China

Malaysian Delegate

Dr. MOHD NOR, Mohd Zali
Newstar Agencies Sdn Bhd, Malaysia

Singaporean Delegate

Dr. LEE, Iris
Ministry of Education, Singapore

USA Delegate

Prof. ENGELHARD, George
University of Georgia, USA

Conference Organizing Committee (PROMS 2019)


Dr. SUMINTONO, Bambang
University of Malaya, Malaysia


Board Advisor

Dr. STENNER, Jackson
MetaMetrics, Inc.


Dr. FISHER, William P. Jr.
LivingCapitalMetrics, USA